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#restoremylacoMission 2025 – Old beauties with new brilliance

Mission 2025: new Glow for your Laco – win now!

Do you own a unique historical Laco? You think that after all these years your Laco truly deserves a professional restoration to shine like a real gem again?


Then be a part of it! In the course of our MISSION 2025 - our way to the company's 100th anniversary, we are giving 5 watches with a special history a new shine.  


Because, in almost 100 years of Laco company history, in all these decades, one claim has been preserved, and never gone out of fashion: the precision of craftsmanship. We want to continue this tradition, with our current models, but also with our watches from past times. Because historical originals are close to our hearts - their functionality & design, their history - and above all their authenticity.


Take part in the Laco watch manufacture project #restoremylaco: Tell us the story of your Laco watch and win a professional and free restoration, by master craftsmen in manufacture quality.

Restaurierung deiner Laco Uhr

Watches with history - share your laco Story with us 

We are looking for historic Laco originals to regain their value and are launching a call:


If you own a Laco that deserves restoration, share its story with us: how old is your watch? Who once wore it? Which events has it survived? And how did it end up in your hands? From all the submissions, we will select the 5 most exciting stories and offer the winners a free restoration within the next 12 months - with precision manufacture work.

Geschichten Ihrer Laco Uhr

With your submission, you become part of our manufacture project. Share pictures and story about your Laco Original with the hashtag #restoremylaco or send your story to mission2025@laco.de until June 30, 2021.


After that, we will dedicate ourselves to one watch every month and restore it. Of course, you can follow everything: On our social media channels, we'll take you step by step and show you how we restore each piece to its gracefulness with the finest craftsmanship.


Join us in writing our Laco history. We are looking forward to your Laco story! You can find the conditions of participation here.

GMT Fliegeruhren von Laco
Historische Uhren von Laco
Historische Uhren von Laco
GMT watches von Laco
Historische Uhren von Laco


Post your story and become part of our manufacture project.

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Stay informed about our manufacture project - with our newsletter. Find out who won and which watches we are refurbishing with precision craftsmanship. And of course, we'll always keep you up to date with all the latest Laco news. Register now with your e-mail address!



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