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free engraving – it is time for something special

Are you looking for a high quality gift for a special occasion? Would you like to say "Thank you" to a loved one? Or is there a specific date, a name or even a few words that you always want to carry close to you? 


If so, our Laco watches with free, individual engraving are the perfect choice! Treat others or yourself to a gift that you will enjoy for years to come and remember what is important you with every glance at your watch.


By engraving a Laco watch, you do not only make a statement for quality and individuality, but also turn your watch into part of a unique memory. 



Kostenlose Gravuren von Laco

Kostenlose Gravuren von Laco

Kostenlose Gravuren von Laco

Engraving on the rotor

Engraving on the base

Engraving the side

Gravuren von Laco

How your watch becomes one of a kind 

We offer free engravings for a variety of our watch models. Wether it should be a few nice words, a special date or a name, by engraving your watch becomes unique. Depending on the model, the back, the case or even the rotor can be engraved. Especially in the age of mass production, engraved Laco watches represent individuality.

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