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The following high-quality mechanical movements are currently being used by Laco:

LACO 01 = ETA 2801.2 (Elaboré)
LACO 04 = ETA 2804.2 (Elaboré)
LACO 15 = Miyota 9015
LACO 18 = Miyota 8218
LACO 21 = Miyota 821A
LACO 31 = Miyota 8315
LACO 24 = ETA 2824.2 (Elaboré/Top)
LACO 50 = ETA 7750 (Elaboré/Top)
LACO 92 = ETA 2892A2 (Elaboré)
LACO 97 = ETA 6497 (Elaboré)
LACO 98 = ETA 6498 (Elaboré)
LACO 200 = Sellita SW200-1 (Elaboré/Top)
LACO 210 = Sellita SW210-1 (Elaboré)
LACO 215 = Sellita SW215-1 (Elaboré)
LACO 300 = Sellita SW300-1 (Elaboré)
LACO 330 = Sellita SW330-1 (Elaboré)
LACO 500 = Sellita SW500-1 (Elaboré/Top)


The watch movement specified for the respective model corresponds to the current production status in our manufacture in Pforzheim. Due to technical changes, however, there may be deviations for stock items at our Laco dealers. 

Laco’s watchmakers carefully regulate every mechanical movement to the following standard:

LACO 01 = -5/+10 seconds per day
LACO 04 = -5/+10 seconds per day
LACO 15 = -10/+20 seconds per day
LACO 18 = -10/+20 seconds per day
LACO 21 = -10/+20 seconds per day
LACO 24 = -5/+10 seconds per day
LACO 50 = -5/+10 seconds per day
LACO 92 = -5/+10 seconds per day
LACO 97 = -5/+10 seconds per day
LACO 98 = -5/+10 seconds per day

The following table provides an overview of various water resistance scenarios based on the rating of your watch.


Pressure Splashed water Showering Bathing Swimming diving
3 ATM Yes No No No No
5 ATM Yes No Yes No No
10 ATM Yes Yes Yes Yes No
20 ATM  Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


3 ATM: The watch is resistant to sweat, drops of rain, and light splashes of water.
5 ATM: The watch is waterproof. However, it should not be worn while swimming or showering.
10 ATM: The watch can be worn in the water for activities such as surface snorkeling, but not diving.
20 ATM: The watch is suitable for diving.


Tip: The water resistance of your watch should be tested on a regular basis, ideally at least once per year.

No. If you don’t reside within the EU, the 19% VAT will automatically be deducted from your order when you enter your shipping address.


I am placing an order from within Germany, but I’d like to export my purchase to a country outside of the EU. Do I still have to pay the 19% VAT?


Yes. However, if you include a note in the comment area of your order explaining your intention to export your purchase, we will be happy to provide you with a VAT rebate form.

Yes. If you include a note in the comment area of your order, we will be happy to change the strap with one of equal value from our online shop. Straps with a higher retail value will need to be purchased additionally. However, if you wish, we can ship your watch on the additional strap (providing you order it at the same time as your watch). The strap that your watch originally came with will of course be included in your shipment.

Your name, the initials of your loved one, your life motto or the date of a very special occasion – from now, with our free* engraving service, you can make almost any Laco model totally unique. There are endless personal engraving ideas. Depending on the model, you can have the side or bottom of the case, or the rotor of the automatic movement engraved.
On the product pages of all engravable watch models, you will find an input field for the words to be engraved. Please choose your preferred position for the engraving here. The input field only holds up to the number of characters that can actually be engraved.


*The first engraving is free of charge, any further engraving is possible at a surcharge of 49€ including VAT. Please contact us personally for this service.


Please note: In particular when placing orders that include an engraving request, we ask you to carefully examine our confirmation email for your purchase. Engraving will delay the delivery of your order by approx. 8-10 working days. Unfortunately, personalised products can be neither returned nor exchanged.

Laco gurantees a period of 2 years.

How to redeem your voucher during the order process:

1. Arrange your order and put the articles in the shopping cart.
2. In the shopping cart, go to "proceed to check-out".
3. Log in or register as a new customer.
4. On the order overview page, click on "Do you have a voucher?"  
5. Enter the voucher or discount code and click "redeem".
6. On the order overview page you can see the voucher value, the reduced amount or the free article.
7. Send your order to finalise the procedure.


Alternatively, you can "Checkout" immediately and enter your voucher or discount code when confirming your order. Please enter all relevant data such as shipping or billing address first and make sure to enter your voucher or discount code in the final step before ordering.

The standard movement in this model is a movement of the quality level elaboré. 

Upon request, we also supply this model with a top quality movement. This can be added under "Clockwork Upgrade" to your order.


Shock protection incabloc incabloc
Balance wheel gilded nickel gilded glucydur
Spiral nivarox 2 anachronic
Regulation 3 positions 5 positions
Ø Gear precision over 24h 0 bis + 14 sec./day 0 bis + 8 sec./day
Jewels polyrubin red ruby
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