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Happy customers are our biggest success. They wear our watches everyday and test them in day-to-day situations as well as in exciting adventures – they know exactly what Laco watches are all about. Even the trade press, passionate watch experts and renowned watch blogs keep a close eye on our watches. We would like to share their opinions with you!

Because we at Laco take great pride in caring about the opinion of our customers and love receiving feedback, constructive criticism and inspiration. We want to become a little bit better every day.

Oracle Time

"The perfect balance of pilots’ and travellers’ watch"

In many ways it’s the perfect halfway house between a pure tool watch and the usual classical travellers’ watches.

Just the Watch

"It's all about that historical accuracy"

This watch, you holding in your hand it just feels like you picked up something straight out of the 1940s and you have one on the original, you know, "Flieger" watches from that area which is just so cool. It is cool that it is produced by Laco, so it is from the same heritage and line.

Oracle Time

"The price point is also very good considering the brand's heritage and build quality"

While there are certainly more flawless GMT watches out there, you’d be hard-pressed to find anything better at this price.

Just the Watch

"Laco did a great job on their dials (...)"

... really simple design there but that really does help with the legibility. this is one of the most legiable dial designs out there. You really crisp printing on there as well.

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