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ENTER THE FALLOUT GAMING UNIVERSE – WITH The Laco RAD-AUX watch AS a unique and detailed artifact.

Inspired by the popular post-apocalyptic series by Bethesda Game Studios, the Laco RAD-AUX celebrates the creativity and storytelling in modern gaming. It’s also able to link the fictional universe to a tangible item, and watch collectors love a piece with a story. Although this product has no official relationship with Bethesda Game Studios, it honors the extremely detailed world they’ll be building on once again with the 2018 release of Fallout 76. Fallout was originally debuted by Interplay Studios in 1997, which took direction from their 1988 title “Wasteland”. 


To survive the dangers and trials that await you in the gaming universe, you’ll need the right equipment. Your Personal Information Processor, or “Pip-Boy” will serve as your primary survival tool—but always be sure to carry a backup! Keep your Laco RAD-AUX Auxiliary Observer with you at all times. Should your Pip-Boy ever cease to function, your RAD-AUX can be used in conjunction with a separate rad meter to calculate and time your exposure to radiation. 


You can secure your own Laco Auxiliary Observer RAD-AUX through Laco’s U.S. distributor, WatchGang. 


Order the Laco “RAD-AUX”

Laco RAD-AUX watch


The Auxiliary Observer is an authentic professional-grade tool inspired by the design history of Laco and mechanical military watches from the mid-20th century. What made Laco perfect for this concept was the Erbstück series and the unique ability to age watches. 

Laco RAD-AUX watch


Prompted by the fascination many watch collectors have with vintage and antique timepieces, Laco Erbstück products are hand-worn in order to offer the “patinated” look of age and wear. Laco’s Erbstück department applies their proprietary aging process to each RAD-AUX watch to make it appear as though it has aged over decades of use. 

Laco RAD-AUX watch

LIMITED EDITION including additional artifacts.

The Laco RAD-AUX will be released as a limited run of 143 pieces. Each set includes an individually hand aged RAD-AUX watch with matching strap, aged metal container, and a selection of additional artifacts that help this piece tell a story.

a two month period of Development by Matt Smith-Johnson and Ariel AdamS.

Although entirely original in design, the details on the watch pay homage to the Fallout universe that inspired its creators. Like the accurate and darkly-humorous caseback engraving, which serves as a quick guide to rad-exposure and personal harm. Ariel Adams — founder of the wrist watch review magazine aBlogtoWatch — recalls playing the original Fallout game in 1997 as a teenager. Today he and ABTW contributor/designer Matt Smith-Johnson bring to life a collector-intended creation that melds two universes they enjoy. Ariel and Matt were given a unique opportunity to develop a watch with the historic German brand. Matt was inspired to make a watch that told a story outside of reality, and Ariel had the perfect direction (and lore) to link it to. The entire Laco RAD-AUX watch concept, design, and marketing materials were conceived and developed over a two month period by Ariel and Matt — an exciting first for them both. 


Matt Smith-Johnson and Ariel Adams realized that a satisfying combination of their interests (fiine timepieces and high-quality video game adventures) needed to equally fit into both worlds. Ariel Adams of aBlogtoWatch - who has been professionally writing about high-quality timepieces since 2007 - comments that “for a while now I’ve felt it was time for me to participate not only in the critique of watches, but also their creation. If I’m continually given the opportunity to do so, I’m excited to develop a truly prolific legacy of items I know many of my fellow watch lovers will enjoy. My hope is that the people who learn about this watch mainly due to their interest in the Fallout computer game series will recognize how people who like timepieces also share appre- ciation for details and rich story-telling.”


Matt Smith-Johnson comments, “I’ve been a designer profession- ally for 14 years now, and although I have dabbled in watches here and there, this project was something special. I got to nerd out and perfect every little detail for the watch, the strap, the artifacts, and the packaging. It took hundreds of hours of effort in a short space of time—but my energy and passion for this project never ran out. I know how the details are appreciated by collectors in the end, and that’s thrilling to me.” 



Laco RAD-AUX watch

CREATEd for the U.S. market.

The Laco Auxiliary Observer, or RAD-AUX, was created specially for the U.S. market. Taking inspiration from the Fallout gaming series, the RAD-AUX is a partial redundancy for the "Pip-Boy" wrist computer. Originally issued to Vault #43, this watch has seen years of hard use.

Order the Laco “RAD-AUX”

Laco RAD-AUX watch

Hand-crafted in Germany.

The watch is manufactured and hand-aged in Pforzheim Germany, containing a high-grade Swiss movement. All other components, including the box, strap and various artifacts that accompany it, are manufactured within North America. 

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