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New horizons - Laco Flieger PRO 2024

Discover endless possibilities. Now also with a blue dial and without lateral engraving.

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Laco Aachen und Augsburg Grün

Laco Aachen & Augsburg Grün - with a lot of charm and great flair

Discover the classics Aachen and Augsburg in a new fashionable interpretation.

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Laco Kiel Sport

Laco Kiel Sport –
Striking and sporty

Discover our new pilot's chronograph in its very special and striking design.

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Ulm und Würzburg von Laco

Laco Ulm & Würzburg –
When every second counts

Discover the classics Ulm & Würzburg - now in two sizes.

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Laco EDITION 98 - An exeptional opportunity.

A tribute to the adventurers of the skies and the explorers of the night.
Limited Edition: Guaranteed only 98 pieces worldwide.

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DIN 8330

Excellent tested and uniquely certified

The Laco Hamburg DIN 8330 pilot watches. Discover now!

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Laco Cuxhaven und Bremerhaven

Laco sets sail again

Discover the new edition of the marine watches Cuxhaven and Bremerhaven in two sizes.

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Atacama Quarz UTC

Atacama Quarz UTC – adventure meets precision

With the Atacama Quarz UTC, we are building on the great success of our Atacama.2. 

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Fliegeruhren aus Bronze – 42 mm

More beautiful unique with every day

After the great success of our bronze collection in 45 mm, we add four new models with only 42 mm diameter to our offer.

Discover now 

Augsburg und Aachen Grau

Gray is the new black

Our Augsburg and Aachen models are now available in a new color scheme - a timeless aesthetic.

Discover now 

Augsburg und Aachen Polar

Polar Limited Edition

Our third Limited Edition, like the coveted predecessor editions,is available now in a strictly limited edition of only 250 pieces each.


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Laco Videos

Laco goes Youtube

Maybe you have already discovered our YouTube channel? Are you already a subscriber - or not yet? Either way: exciting news, talks and real professional knowledge from the world of Laco watches. Discover now 

Laco Edition 97

Laco Edition 97 –
A little more unique with every year

Our THIRD, strictly limited EDITION on the way to the 100th anniversary of the Laco watch manufacture.

Discover now 

Metallbanduhren von Laco

Robust All-Rounder Laco stainless steel bracelets

A Laco with a versatile stainless steel bracelet does not only look good, but also offers excellent wearing comfort, is reliable, robust and water resistant.

Discover now 

Ein Jahr Flieger Pro

One year of Flieger PRO – "A Pro personal for me".

Our Karlsruhe & Stuttgart PRO are among the best-selling models in the past 12 months. Two watches developed entirely according to the wishes of our customers.

Discover now 

Kiel.2 Schwarz & Weiß

Kiel.2 Black & White – Now as a classic duo

The elegant pilot chronographs convince with numerous thoughtful and loving details as well as a pilot watch inspired design.

Discover now 

Sportuhren 39 mm

39 mm – Sporty, dynamic, versatile. 

Laco adds the 39 mm watches, which are again available in four color and strap options, to its family of sports and squad watches. 

Discover now 

Bronzeuhren von Laco

Pilot watches made of bronze –The eternal fascination of Patina

Their patina gives bronze watches a distinctive, individual history, and unmistakable uniqueness.
Discover now 

Oliv Uhren von Laco

For adventurers and explorers – Limited Edition Oliv 39

Our second strike in olive green: Like their predecessors, the new Augsburg and Aachen Oliv 39 pilot watches are limited to 250 pieces each.

Discover now

Laco Edition 96

Laco edition 96 - the journey continues

Now available in presale: our SECOND, strictly limited EDITION on the way to the 100th anniversary of the Laco watch manufacture.

Discover now 

Laco München Erbstück

München Erbstück. Strictly limited. 

Guaranteed only 30 pieces worldwide! Discover the new aviator chronograph "München Erbstück".

Discover now

Die neuen Flieger PRO

The new Flieger PRO 

Discover now the new Laco models "Flieger PRO" and configure your personal favorite watch.

Discover now

Zürich und Genf – Laco Fliegeruhren

Smaller, flatter, lighter

Two builds, four variants – discover the new facelift models Zürich.2 und Genf.2.

Discover now

Marineuhren von Laco

Time to set sail

- with our navy watches. Precision, resistance and readability in any situation on board. 

Discover now

Manufakturprojekt #restoremylaco | Mission 2025

#restoremylaco – Mission 2025

On the way to the company's 100th anniversary, we are giving 5 watches with a special history a new shine.

Discover now

Palermo und Neapel – Laco Fliegeruhren

Like meeting old friends 

Our "famiglia italiana" has two more very very cool members: Neapel and Palermo 39.

Discover now

Oliv Limited Edition – Laco Fliegeruhren

Take off with a camo look - a new limited edition

The new edition of our popular classics Augsburg and Aachen is strictly limited.

Discover now

Individualisierte Produkte von Laco

A very personal Laco

Laco offers numerous options for a great number of our watch models to make your new watch a very personal timepiece.

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Laco Marineuhr 95

Laco edition 95 - our journey begins now!

Strictly limited and the FIRST of 5 on the way to the 100th anniversary of the Laco watch manufactory.

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Laco München Chronograph – Presale

Laco München- only flying is better

Secure your chance now for one of our strictly limited aviator chronographs in Munich.

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Limitierte Fliegeruhren in taupe

39 mm - limited edition in taupe

The new edition of our Augsburg and Aachen pilot watch in taupe is strictly limited. Secure a unique pilot's watch now.

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Red Dot Award – Laco GMT Fliegeruhr

Winner product design award 2020

The pilot watch "Frankfurt GMT" receives Red Dot Award for outstanding design quality.

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Das GMT Set – Laco Fliegeruhren

More than a timepiece. A complete set!

The waiting is over! Our marvellous GMTs Frankfurt Grau & Schwarz have been available from stationary retailers since mid-January.

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Fliegeruhren im Business Look

Pilot watches with a BUsiness Look

the two new Laco pilot watches combine elegant retro designs with a touch of class.

Discover now

Laco Fliegeruhren – Taupe Limited Edition

Limited edition - new taupe

The new edition of our popular classics is strictly limited. Secure yourself a unique pilot watch.

Discover now

GMT PreSale – Laco

Pre-sale has started!

Get your Laco GMT before the end of this year! 

Discover now

Laco Gravuren

Time for something special

High-quality, emotional & individual - with a free engraving every watch becomes a unique piece. 

Discover now

Gutscheine von Laco

Always the right choice

Discover our new coupons and treat someone to quality, craftsmanship and the freedom of choice.

Discover now

Laco – Quax Kooperation

Partners by passion

Quax & Laco – where real pilots meet real watches. We share more than a passion for historical aviation.

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GMT-Modelle 2019

Tradition meets innovation

Based on our traditional pilot watches and yet a real innovation – our new GMT models.

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Laco Erbstücke

History of aviation with a glamorous appearance

Thanks to Superluminova our four new "Erbstücke" are real eye-catchers even in the dark.

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Marineuhren von Laco

Modern Navy watches

Our novelties Cuxhaven & Bremerhaven reflect the history of navy watches.

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Laco RAD-AUX watch

The Laco Rad-Aux watch

The Laco Auxiliary Observer RAD-AUX watch as a unique and detailed artifact.
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Laco Neuheiten 2018

Our novelties 2018

Pilot watch, navy watch or squad watch - discover our new models!

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Pressemitteilung Einsatzuhren Skorpion

Squad watch scorpion

Robust, adaptable, fluorescent - our new squad watches are as versatile as a scorpion.

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Atacama – Laco Uhrenmanufaktur

Ready for action

The Atacama is making a comeback. Learn all the details about the new edition of our classic watch.

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Blaue Stunde – Laco Uhrenmanufaktur

Hours in stunning blue

Celebrate with us the homage to a wonder of nature - with our aviation watch collection "Blaue Stunde".

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